What our Clients and Customers say about us

This is the feedback we received from clients and customers for a range of training events we carried out 2023/2024

‘I found it very informative and well structured. I thought there was a great deal of information and it really highlighted areas of concern and ways of managing.’

‘I thought Mark and Mike had a great delivery and would love to have them back to provide more training….’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the training style, there is nothing I can change.’

‘The training was very informative and gave us a better understanding on what would be required if there was a fire or emergency within the building’

‘I think Mark and Mike had great understanding and experience so was able to answer the questions that everyone had’

‘It was found very useful acting out the scenario where there was a ‘real fire’ within the building’

‘When attending training with you, all information was clearly given and staff attending agreed that the training was very good which they all enjoyed and very informative’

‘Mark and Mike were capable with dealing with those that can be against the changes that are happening and coming up with excuses of why they don’t agree. They held their position and set the expectations that needed to be set’

‘Could not recommend you enough for further training’

‘All that attended very much enjoyed the training and the opportunity to learn’

‘I found it very informative and thought Mark & Mike were great at explaining things easy to understand and made you feel at ease’

‘We really liked the training here, a lot of the feedback that I had from the senior staff was that it was the best ‘fire’ training that they have had, and have come away with really good understanding of it meaning that we haven’t had to keep prompting them with understanding/implementing it’

‘…they have the experience to answer questions and I feel that we can all take things on board more effectively when it is someone that is able to answer questions with examples and explanations on why we have to do what is expected instead of it ‘just’ being an instruction’