Emergency Responders

(Emergency Response Teams and First Responders)

We specialise in developing your site-based and organizational Emergency Response capability.

An Emergency Responder is a person with specialised training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance or incident resolution at the scene of an emergency. Emergency Responders and Emergency Response Teams in the workplace are typically staff members who take on the additional responsibility of responding to an emergency event that impacts the site.

Their skillset can vary widely, with a range of responders who may have no
certified training right up to qualified Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Doctors and Nurses.

‘First Responders’ are usually dedicated to medical emergency response, but they may take on the role of wider emergency response is an individual who has received certification to provide pre-hospital care in a certain jurisdiction.

An Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a group of trained individuals, that has identified leadership, roles and responsibilities at a workplace. They will respond to onsite emergencies as the first response, pending the arrival of the Emergency Services.

Our services include supporting organizations in developing the ability to respond to emergencies on site and across the organization. This includes:

Developing an Emergency Response Policy

Emergency Response Guides and flow charts

Creating and defining a competency matrix

Initial Team Setup

Training and Training programs

ERT Skills

ERT Leadership