Crisis Simulations

So, what is a Crisis Simulation?

A crisis simulation can take many forms. These range from discussion events, through to tabletops, up to multisite, multi-agency interactive simulations. They can involve small and specific functional teams at a site (e.g. IT, HSE, FE ) or range up to global macro/organizational events involving the Board and the C-suite.

Its purpose is to expose the people, plans and processes that you have in place to a crisis event. This is achieved by taking a select group of people through a realistic simulated crisis event. This will expose them and their preplanning to some of the realities of managing or commanding a crisis event.

The trigger event can be anything that could cause unplanned and serious disruption to the business and its management outside the normal ‘day-to-day’ functioning. Additional events can happen, ultimately meaning that multiple crisis events happening during the same time span.

What can a Crisis Simulation achieve?

It will help validate that the people and processes that a company have in place ready for crisis events are ‘fit for purpose’.

It helps anyone involved in a crisis response develop their roles and show how to function as members of a crisis command team. It ensures that any assumptions, pre-planning and subsequent plans are valid, useful and usable. It can also, to some degree, create the potential pressures and workloads that crisis events will create.

Assessment & Development

Most Crisis Simulations are ‘coached’ which means learning will continue throughout. Our coaches and assessors will support your teams (where appropriate) to ensure they get the best result possible and understand the possible limits of what they can achieve. Each Crisis Simulation is scored using a unique set of metrics that we have been using for over 5 years to assess the response of the Crisis team and its key players. This helps validate performance or direct future improvement.

‘All too often we have worked with organisations that need or already have emergency and business continuity plans but have never actually tested them. Testing is the crucial step in developing people, plans and processes to ensure your business is truly resilient and ready’.

This is our most sought-after product. Essentially it is the exercising of all the crisis preplanning. We specialise in making this highly immersive and as realistic as possible.

Crisis simulations are built to suit your needs and requirements. There are multiple levels of simulation:

Some of the scenarios we have used include:

  • Pandemic /Epidemic
  • Site level illness/poisoning
  • Prolonged IT/comms outage
  • IT Data loss (Accidental and security breach)
  • Active shooter (and serious workplace violence)
  • Industrial relations failiure
  • Bribery and blackmail
  • Serious Industrial accidents
  • Fire and Flood
  • Extreme weather events
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Enterptise level inpacting events (reputation)
  • Food contamination
  • Illegal activity on site / Theft
  • Fatalities and Loss of Key staff
  • Political Attacks
  • Brand affecting Social media incidents
  • Aircraft crashes