Risk Management

Businesses face a constant barrage of risk. In fact taking Risk’s in business is the norm, but risks need to be understood and the consequences of any risk becoming a reality should and can be planned for. Risks can range from a minor failure of day-to-day operations through to enterprise level risks, that can have devastating consequences across the entire organisation. Once risks have been identified they must be managed and monitored and if appropriate, responses and mitigations put in placeMany risks can be identified through a process of risk assessment. Some risks are ‘so unusual’ that they are deemed ‘out of scope’ for most risk management or mitigation measures. We call these ‘Black Swans’ and for many (if not most) organisations Covid19 was a Black Swan. Interestingly the threat of disruption from Pandemic or HCID was well known and has been on many national and regional risk registers and was correctly identified as highly impactful.

Risk Services we offer:

Workshop & Facilitated Discussion

Assessment, analysis and data review

Mitigation and response planning

Enterprise Risk Management support