About Us

Developed by two very experienced Business Resilience and Emergency Management professionals, Resilient and Ready is a new venture to provide the service that we feel other businesses need.

Both of the founders originally worked as professional Fire Officers in Kent Fire and Rescue Service UK. They have known each other, and worked together for over 40 years. Each are highly regarded operational managers and had specialisms within the Fire Service that have enabled them to work together to produce the wide range of Services that Resilient and Ready can offer. Their careers after the Fire Service only augmented and increased their specialist knowledge and exposed them to global business and the corporate world.

Resilient and Ready are based in Kent and Staffordshire but service clients across the UK and worldwide.

Resilience and Ready can help your business in many ways including:

To be ready for Emergencies, Crises Events and Business Disruption

Train staff to lead and manage (command) Emergencies and Crises Events

Validate and develop your Emergency Response Plans

Validate and develop your Business Continuity Plans

Validate and support development of your IT Disaster Recovery Plans

Develop Crisis Plan integration and communications strategies

Develop Fire and Safety Management plans and strategies

Audit and Analyse your ‘current status’

Define and map ‘improvement and compliance’ processes

Work with your supply chain (Both upstream and downstream)

Develop ‘risk event’ response strategies and tactics including Workplace Violence and ‘Armed aggressor’

Manage and connect different risk and threat data sources, both internal and external, to provide ‘dashboard data’

Train at every level from Operative to C-suite and boardroom